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Welcome to is a web based application designed by O’Conco Healthcare, Inc. to help healthcare organizations improve their performance by comparing and analyzing their own clinical data and that of their peers. It provides instant access to important case studies involving Cost, Charges, Length of Stay, and Mortality.


It also provides hospitals with the ability to rank themselves among various categories such as Payor, Age-Group, Year, Diagnosis, Procedure, Hospital, Major Diagnostic Category (MDC), Diagnostic Related Group (DRG), Physician, and others using statewide, multi-state, or hospital specific confidential data. These summary reports can then be further investigated by drilling down into the underlying patient-level detail to identify areas needing improvement.


If you want to experience it live, select the New User button to immediately receive a guest password. In addition to the statewide databases, subscribers will have access to their most recent confidential data so they can periodically benchmark their performance. (Guest users will have limited access to data.)


We hope you continue to find to be a useful tool and valuable information source for your business. We welcome your comments and feedback at

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