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O'Conco Healthcare Consultants, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm, provides both professional consulting services and a comprehensive set of databases to industry executives. We specialize in the development and maintenance of large detailed databases for use in planning, operational analysis and financial modeling.

Established in 1988, O'Conco Healthcare is backed by over 30 years of healthcare industry experience. This history and knowledge has given us the foundation to provide analysis using the most current data and healthcare tools to the leaders in the industry to respond proactively to the ever changing healthcare system. Our experience spans across the lines of the healthcare system with our services and products currently being used by hospitals, major payers, other consulting firms, healthcare associations, accounting firms and governmental agencies.

O’Conco is one of only two (2) organizations approved to function as a “Data Reporter” under New Jersey State UB submission regulations and have a long experience working with state and national agencies for our clients. O'Conco is renown in New Jersey as being both the "data source" and for having the ingenuity to use that data to answer today's most pressing healthcare questions. Our hospital databases include millions of patient level records that contain charge, cost, demographic, clinical and payment information. We maintain a complete set of up-to-date Medicaid and Medicare payment rates, costs and statistics (including national data) and have extensive experience in modeling the impact of proposed legislative changes on healthcare markets and individual institutions.

For more information about how O'Conco Healthcare Consultants and how we work with our healthcare clients, please review our other products and services on our company website.

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